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Play FREE Craps Game

Play Craps for Free

Aha, you've come to the most popular page on our site - the FREE online craps game! Who could say no to such an offer? Playing craps online is not only fun, but can also be very beneficial to individuals wishing to learn more about the game. I think anyone would be a little nervous to play something they've never attempted before at the risk of losing their money. So why don't you leave it in your pocket for a while and give this craps game a try?

Having read the rules, gone over some strategy, and looked through enough tips to make you think you can be a pro, nothing compares to actually trying it out. The game is really easy to figure out, probably easier than a true craps table would be because of all the extra tension and the time limit. You first have to select the chip value and then click on the betting area, which automatically places the chip of your choice on the table. You can click as many times as you like, each click placing another chip on the bet - the computer will stop you when you have reached the maximum. The game is programmed is such a way that placing an invalid bet is impossible. Nothing will happen if you try to do something that doesn't comform with the rules, which is just another way of implanting them into your head. Doing that at a casino might actually cause a lot of frustration, depending on the mood the dealers are in. If they bark out at you for making a mistake, you might not want to stay around for long. Mind you, this doesn't happen very often, but if you can avoid situations like that, it's worth it.

Points are used instead of money in this our craps game, so who cares if you're on a losing streak? It's 'free craps' we're talking about here and the points don't cost you anything. But, enough said. Play the free game of craps and enjoy yourself!

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